On ep106 of Unpacking the News, a star-studded cavalcade of comrades and commentators from across the country join host Andre Goulet to explain why, in the aftermath of the demented fever dream of Canada’s 43rd federal election, everyone’s a loser.

This episode includes conversations with activist Hugh Stewart (Dog Island) in Halifax, political science scholar Maike Sondarjee (Le Placher des Vaches) in Quebec City, academic Christo Aivalis (Youtube’s Left Politics, History and Culture) in Kingston, organizer Kate Jacobson (The Alberta Advantage) in Medicine Hat and Ricochet editor and co-founder Derrick O’Keefe in Vancouver.

This conversation was recorded on October 22nd, 2019.
Listen to “Fake Victory: Election 2019 Analysis From Coast to Coast” on Spreaker.