On episode 84 Karen Geier makes her long-awaited return to 49th Parahell to break down Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s latest corruption scandal and explain a little about the bizarre cult-like WE Charity at its center. Then, host Rob Rousseau asks the question that’s been on a lot of people’s minds this summer: Why do we have monuments to Nazi war criminals in Canada?

Are Calgary’s police officers being held to account when they abuse their power? On this week’s episode of The Alberta Advantage podcast Calgary-born filmmakers Marc Serpa Francoeur and Robinder Uppal join the show to discuss their recent CBC documentary Above the Law, an eye-opening investigation into police brutality and the lack of accountability in the Calgary Police Service.

On this week’s Tech Won’t Save Us host Paris Marx is joined by geopolitics scholar Dr. Julie Michelle Klinger to discuss how myths of resource scarcity are fueling a desire to mine outer space and why it’s essential to ensure that Space remains a global commons.

This weekend Dr. Cornel West tweeted the following about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez running for President in 2024: “There is no doubt AOC is already a leading candidate for a presidential run in 2024. The profound effect of the great Howard Thurman – MLK’s Mentor – and her experiences in Africa deeply shape and mold AOC’s spirit and vision.” On a new episode of his popular YouTube series Left Politics, History and Culture, academic Christo Aivalis explains that, while agreeing that she will one day run, 2024 is too soon,and that her next step should be the Senate where she could eye a 2028 run for president of the United States.