According to Kingston-based academic Christo Aivalis, Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party are not Entitled to your Vote. On this episode of his popular Youtube series Left Politics, History and Culture, he explains why, even as Liberal supporters claim that their party is the only progressive option and that a vote for Jagmeet Singh is a vote for Andrew Scheer , the next Conservative Government will come down to Justin Trudeau and those who enabled him.

On episode 54 of 49th Parahell, host Rob Rousseau speculates on how the Epstein case would have impacted the Clinton Administration in the alternate brunch universe. Plus: Abi Wilkinson (The Guardian, The Baffler, The New Republic) joins the show to explain the latest Brexit drama involving Jeremy Corbyn’s godfather offer to the LibDems and Tory rebels and how the rise of Corbyn (and Bernie Sanders) has exposed all kinds of ruling class contradictions.