Listen to “Call it a Coup (ep108 preview w/ Duncan Kinney)” on Spreaker.

On an episode 108 preview, Progress Alberta executive director and host of The Progress Report podcast Duncan Kinney joins the show to ask why Canada’s foreign policy establishment is supporting Bolivia’s military-led coup against a popularly elected socialist leader.
Tune in next week as Duncan and host Andre Goulet unpack Wexit and explore the cruelty of Jason Kenney’s 2019 Alberta budget.

In late August 2019 at the Calgary Petroleum Club, representatives from Birchcliff Energy and Tourmaline Oil presented a remarkable piece of petro-propaganda to the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers. It was instantly retweeted by Jason Kenney, stating “Enough is enough. No more apologies. We are proud of Alberta and Canada’s oil and gas.” Join Team Advantage as they watch and analyze this crypto-fascist piece of media!

Online journalist Ben Norton ( joins the Victoria socialists to discuss the recent right-wing coup in Bolivia and the greater context of socialist experiments throughout South America. Plus: Venezuela, Ecuador, how Bolivia’s massive lithium deposits relates to the Green New Deal, the history of American military and CIA involvement in the region and more.

On a new episode of Montreal-based 49th Parahell podcast, Ricochet co-founder Derrick O’Keefe joins host Rob Rousseau to talk about the ongoing coup in Bolivia, Don Cherry’s forced retirement, the toxicity of Canadian hockey culture and much more.

On a new episode of his popular Left Politics, History and Culture YouTube show, Kingston-based activist and academic Christo Aivails explains why Justin Trudeau’s support for the Bolivia coup shows how little regard the Canadian government has for democracy and the rights of indigenous people and contrasts the Liberal response with that of Jagmeet Singh and NDP MPs like Niki Ashton, Matthew Green, Leah Gazan, Don Davies, and Alexandre Boulerice.