Listen to “The Intersect: Fighting for a Free Transit Future” on Spreaker.
What kind of challenges come with organizing in the midst of a public health crisis? On a new episode of the Unpacking the News summer series The Intersect, Free Transit Edmonton’s Juan Felipe Vargas Alba and Free Transit Ottawa’s Julia Szwarc join host Andre Goulet to explore the rapid growth of the Free Transit movement and how it intersects with police violence, labour, class and race.

Montreal’s 49th Parahell returns from a brief pandemic-related hiatus with none other than actor, director and screenwriter Jay Baruchel for a conversation exploring how our current reality relates to various 80s dystopia movies, Trump as a groteseque symbol of america, how Canadians pathologically avoid confronting structural racism at home and much more.

The Victoria socialists at Out of Left Field welcome back author, journalist & blogger Cory Doctorow to discuss the recent wave of protests in the US, racism in North America, the technical and commercial aspects of police surveillance and more!

Edmonton and Calgary spend nine times more on the police than they spend on housing the homeless or social programs, more than $750 million a year combined. On a new episode of The Progress Report, host Duncan Kinney talks with Reakash Walters (producer of the Appointed: A Canadian Senator Bringing Margins to Centre podcast) and Molly Swain (co-host, the Métis in Space podcast) about how to divest from police and invest in the community.

On a new episode of the St. John’s, Newfoundland-based Tech Won’t Save Us, Paris Marx is joined by Vice staff writer Edward Ongweso Jr. to discuss how the labour practices, tech products, and global supply chains of tech companies prove they don’t care about Black lives, regardless of what they’ve said in recent statements, and why we should defund the police.

On a new episode of Big Shiny Takes, the boys are joined by Stephen Magusiak (PressProgress, The Alberta Advantage) to talk about a real banner week for Postmedia sleaze including Rex Murphy’s absolute dumpster fire on how racism isn’t a major issue in our fake country that was built off ethnically cleansing Indigenous people, the response from some of his own National Post colleagues and the near-complete lack of accountability for Postmedia stalwarts. Plus: reflections on the ‘People’s Champ’ Joe Warmington’s incoherent column on gang violence, which was mysteriously wiped from the internet after he (even more mysteriously) made up Drake lyrics.

The Toronto socialists at Oats for Breakfast first hosted a discussion about COVID-19 in February, well before the pandemic attained global proportions. On this episode, the team re-asses initial impressions about the disease, chat about China’s relatively successful efforts in dealing with its outbreak and try to come to terms with why Canada, and especially the US, are faring comparatively worse.

Listen to “Saison spéciale confinement – Épisode 12 – Un autre confinement” on Spreaker.
On the Quarantine Season finale of popular left-feminist podcast Les Ficelles, hosts Amélie, Robin and Solène welcome disability rights militant Catherine Théroux for a conversation on activism in a time of pandemic.

In a new Explainer video, Ricochet presents live coverage from last week’s Black Lives Matter and anti police brutality march in Montreal.

Last week a veto-proof majority on the Minneapolis City Council announced intent to disband the police department, and invest in proven community-led public safety. On a new episode of his popular Youtube show Left Politics, History and Culture Kingston-based academic Christo Aivalis explains why, while this doesn’t mean that the police are disbanded yet, it does mark a MAJOR step in that effort.