Politicized attacks on Alberta’s curriculum review, farcical comments by government spokespeople, and poor planning for the return to classes mid-pandemic are all eroding trust in public education. On this week’s episode Medeana Moussa and Barb Silva from Support Our Students join Team Advantage to discuss what awaits students as they return to school.

On this week’s episode of 49th Parahell Progress Alberta‘s Duncan Kinney joins host Rob Rousseau to talk about “Black Ribbon Day” and explains why talking about Chrystia Freeland’s Nazi grandfather is important. Plus: the new Conservative Party leader Erin O’Toole and where the conservative movement is headed, the NBA wildcat strike and more.

On a special bonus episode of 49th Parahell, host Rob Rousseau is joined by Green Party leadership candidate Meryam Haddad to talk about her vision for the Party, how capitalism and sustainability are diametrically opposed, overcoming the political generational divide, why we need stand up for Palestinian human rights no matter how controversial it might be and more.

On a new episode of Out of Left Field the Victoria socialists also welcome Meryam Haddad to talk about her campaign to turn the Green Party of Canada socialist, the Canadian Green New Deal, defunding the police and much more.

On a new episode of Oats for Breakfast it’s another interview with Meryam Haddad exploring her platform, why she calls herself a socialist, how she intends to win over voters to the Green Party, and more.

On this week’s Tech Won’t Save Us, Paris Marx is joined by “Resource Radicals” author Thea Riofrancos to discuss why we should care about the supply chains of technology, what that resource extraction means for people in Latin America, how to imagine a less resource-intensive future and how the history of the Latin America commodity boom reflects the experience of Alberta and Newfoundland and Labrador.

On a new episode of The Progress Report host Duncan Kinney speaks with Inuk writer, professor and researcher Norma Dunning about her ultimately successful struggle to have the Edmonton CFL team change its racist and insulting team name. Plus: exploring Norma’s powerful writing on Edmonton’s actual historical relationship with the Inuit.

On a new episode Left Behind welcomes advocates from StopGap Ottawa and the #ODSPoverty movement. Plus: An interview with Sophie Geffros of the Ontario Young New Democrats and Winnipeg Centre Member of Parliament Leah Gazan returns to the show to talk about her M-46 Bill calling for a Guaranteed Livable Basic Income.