On ep60 of 49th Parahell, University of Toronto political science professor Jessica Green joins host Rob Rousseau to talk about the UN climate summit, Greta, why we need to ditch carbon pricing, a Canadian Green New Deal and what climate justice should look like. Plus: why is far-right provocateur David Rubin doing a People’s Party of Canada fundraiser?

On a new episode of Victoria-based Out of Left Field the socialist crew discusses the Canadian federal election, the first debate, the we’re-all-going-to-boil-alive climate crisis, the almost-reopened abortion debate and more!

Listen to “Systemic Racism, Canada and Justin Trudeau” on Spreaker.

Journalist Martin Forgues, political analyst Ludvic Moquin-Beaudry, politics scholar Maika Sondarjee and host Andre Goulet discuss how Canadian media is dramatically unequipped to handle the discourse Trudeau’s ‘blackface’ history demands and why this country’s unwillingness to grapple with systemic racism has become the underlying theme of the 2019 Federal Election. Plus: correspondent Anna Roach speaks with labour organizer Thomas McKechnie on the movement to unionize Foodora in Toronto.

On a new episode of his popular Youtube series Left Politics, History and Culture, Kingston-based academic Christo Aivalis explains why Jagmeet Singh’s promise to introduce mixed-member proportional representation “without a referendum” will fix Trudeau’s broken promise to end First Past the Post voting.

PLUS: check out Ricochet en francais to hear the latest episode of election podcast Le Plancher Des Vaches and inaugural episode of the new season of Les Ficelles, a feminist critique of the hit Quebec reality TV show ‘Occupation Double’-!