Listen to “Pandemic Pals: Calgary (w/ Kate Jacobson and Sean Willett)” on Spreaker.

On episode 127 of Unpacking the News Kate Jacobson and Sean Willett of The Alberta Advantage join host Andre Goulet for the latest installment of ‘Pandemic Pals’ as they discuss zero dollar oil, recognize America as a failed state, explore fake country balkanization in an age of pandemic and more. Plus: dismantling so-called “Canadian” values and a Marxist analysis of Dr. Panda’s pseudo-fascism.

On episode 79 of Montreal’s 49th Parahell, friend of the show Nora Loreto joins host Rob Rousseau to talk about COVID-19, Trudeau’s inadequate response getting worldwide praise, Francois Legault’s ludicrous plan to re-open Quebec schools in two weeks, the horrific mass shooting in Nova Scotia and the RCMP trying to spin the tragedy into copaganda, and much more.

On a new episode of The Progress Report Greg Meeker, former chair of the Alberta Teachers’ Retirement Fund and one of Alberta’s most knowledgeable and outspoken commentators on pensions joins the show to explain how Alberta’s most incompetent pension fund manager, AIMCo, vapourized $4 billion of pensioner’s and Heritage Trust Fund money and how they’ve shoveled more than $1.1 billion towards likely-to-fail oil and gas companies with more than $3 billion in environmental liabilities.

More on the Alberta Investment Management Corporation (AIMCo), which vaporized $4 billion last week and has been bailing out failing oil and gas companies— as these same companies offload environmental liabilities to the public and throw funding behind conservative political organizations. Duncan Kinney of Progress Alberta joins Team Advantage to discuss his organization’s recent report ‘Alberta’s Failed Oil and Gas Bailout’.

How is it that we came to be ruled by clocks, and how did people experience time prior to industrial capitalism? Central Canada correspondent Brendan (@Neeedleseye) joins the show to to explore how, as essential workers experience time speed-up as demand for their services increases, the separation between “life” and “work” blurs. On the mind-bending 61st episode of The Alberta Advantage the team explores the phenomenon of capitalist time-discipline, consulting E. P. Thompson, Moishe Postone, and Mark Fisher (among others) as resources.

Toronto-based socialist podcast Oats for Breakfast continues its discussion on the way the COVID-19 crisis is playing out in the Global South. We chat about preachers who want to portray the virus as a form of divine punishment, the rise of domestic abuse, as well as the economic deprivation and hunger resulting from the crisis.

Listen to “Saison spéciale confinement – Épisode 7 – Cultiver sa bienveillance” on Spreaker.
On this week’s episode of one of Quebec’s most popular leftist, feminist french language podcasts Les Ficelles, hosts Amélie, Robin and Solène welcome vegan chef Loounie to discuss the challenges faced in keeping a social conscience in the new age of surveillance.

Canada’s major banks are allowing mortgage postponements for six months, providing relief to homeowners in the context of the economic fallout from the pandemic crisis. But what about the 3.4 million households that rent? Watch the latest in a series of English and french language Ricochet explainers on COVID-19 and Canadian society.

This week Joe Biden supporters tried to silence MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, Nathan J. Robinson and Katie Halper for their reporting on an alleged 1990’s sexual assault with some surrogates even calling for federal investigations into the journalists. On a new episode of his popular Youtube show Left Politics, History and Culture Kingston academic Christo Aivalis explains why, when it comes to dealing with media that’s critical of their candidate, some Democrats are beginning to sound a lot like Donald Trump and his fervent supporters.