Listen to “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love COVID-19” on Spreaker.
On episode 120 of Unpacking the News, host Andre Goulet welcomes comedian John Hanchar back to the show after a year abroad in China to try to make sense of a frightening and confusing week of global health crisis.

Rob Rousseau is back as scientist and local tv personality Ada McVean joins episode 76 of 49th Parahell for a conversation on Coronavirus, what things are going to look like in Montreal, Canada and beyond in the near future and why social distancing shouldn’t just be for introverts.

Pandemic! Team Advantage convenes (while practicing Safe Social Distancing) to discuss the ways in which the COVID-19 pandemic has a great deal to do with capitalism. What contributed to the origins of this virus? How did it spread? In this globalized world, why do we have robust global trade and finance rules, but no equivalent global public health institutions? How does neoliberal policy —which reduced the capacity of the public health systems over decades— fare when pandemics strike? How are governments responding, and how does the incoming batch of money-printing bailouts affect demands for a Green New Deal?

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On a new episode of Left Behind, host Chris Markevich explores how the coronavirus is affecting British Columbians and Canadians at large. Plus: conversations with the BC Ecosocialist Party’s Stuart Parker in Prince George, Angela Zhou in Toronto discusses the effects of the crisis on Canada’s borders and Sue Stroud on Vancouver Island explores different strategies for self-care and coping with the crisis.

With the global economy in freefall thanks to the one-two punch of coronavirus and an oil price war, Regan Boychuk of the Alberta Liabilities Disclosure Project joins Edmonton’s The Progress Report to explore a very relevant subject in the months and years to come – AIMCo’s investments in oil and gas companies that will likely go bankrupt and drop billions of dollars worth of environmental liabilities on the public.

On a new episode of the Toronto-based Oats for Breakfast podcast, the panel continues the dicussion about Jagmeet Singh’s ‘Love & Courage: My Story of Family, Resilience, and Overcoming the Unexpected.’ In this segment, while digging deeper into the book, they take stock of Singh’s recent condemnation of the pro-Palestine movement and discuss the challenges involved in pushing the NDP to the Left

Listen to “S2 – Épisode 2 – La main de Dieu” on Spreaker.
(On S2, E2 of Ricochet’s geo-politics deep-dive ‘le Plancher des Vaches’, the panel explores the connections between Brazil’s evangelical movement and the rise of neo-fascism) Nous poursuivons notre tour du monde et, après avoir survolé l’Europe à la dernière émission, nous prenons aujourd’hui la direction de l’Amérique du Sud. Continent à l’histoire mouvementée et fortement influencé par l’Église catholique pendant plusieurs siècles, on constate, ces dernières décennies, la montée d’un autre courant chrétien: les églises évangéliques.
Plusieurs événements récents qui se sont produits en Amérique latine s’expliquent, en partie du moins, par l’influence grandissante de cette confession…

On a new episode of his popular YouTube show Left Politics, Society and Culture Kingston-based academic Christo Aivalis discusses how, as the United States goes through a historic crisis, Bernie Sanders is showing that ‘Not Me, Us’ is more than just a campaign slogan and defines the Vermont senator’s world view.