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On a hazy mid-summer episode of Unpacking the News things turn humid as host Andre Goulet, educator/musician Adam Hickey and Time Out Montreal editor JP Karwacki discuss Andrew Scheer’s politicization of national food nutrition policy, Justin Trudeau’s (accidental?) condescension towards Indigenous communities at a recent fundraiser and the sublimely theoretical Green Party support for a non-existent Conservative climate plan.
Plus, exploring the latest polls, lamenting the absence of progressive housing policy in Canadian political discourse and why the New York Times is 100% correct in labeling Jagmeet Singh a “historical contender for Canada’s top political job”.

Andray Domise returns to the show for the first time since episode two to consider whether the discourse around concentration camps in the US has progressed at all since mid 2018, or if Canada’s migrant detention issues have improved in any way. Plus: a preview of the horrifically impending election season and more.

Does Canada still suck? You better believe it does. As RFW returns for its first episode in months, hosts Scott Price and Greg Gallinger talk to freelance journalist and co-host of the late, lamented News You Can Use podcast James Wilt about public transit, urban planning, pedestrian deaths in Winnipeg, Uber, gentrification and more.
Look for Wilt’s book about public transit coming out soon from Between the Lines press.

Kingston-based activist and academic Christo Aivalis explores how Bernie Sanders and Jagmeet Singh are both pushing for a truly universal Medicare for all. Plus: Bernie’s Insulin Caravan and how it links to Canada’s lack of universal pharmacare and more.