Listen to “The Cold War Tragedy of Canadian Communist Fred Rose (ep110 preview w/ Tommy Schnurmacher)” on Spreaker.

Political commentator and talk radio legend Tommy Scbnurmacher is the author of ‘Canada’s Not a Real Country’ and a new memoir ‘Make-up Tips From Auschwitz: How Vanity Saved My Mother’s Life’. On a preview conversation of episode 110, Schnurmacher and host Andre Goulet go deep on a frequently forgotten fixture in an earlier era of Canadian politics to answer the question……who was Fred Rose?

Jason Kenney’s UCP government recently wrested control of about $78.5 billion in pension assets from working Albertans, and is musing aloud about using it to prop up Alberta oil and gas companies. What’s behind this outrageous pension grab? What is AIMCo going to do with this cash? How did we get into a situation where people’s deferred wages (pensions) create these vast pools of capital that can be used against workers?

On a definitively not nice episode 69 of the 49th Parahell podcast, Toronto-based Jacobin staff writer Luke Savage joins host Rob Rousseau to break down The Labour Party’s devastating loss in the UK election.

Stanned by Calgary Herald columnists, protected by the old boys’ club, and allegedly able to disintegrate a grown horse with a single strike: on this pod Duncan and comedian Mav Adecer delve into the wild history of Jason Kenney’s second-in-command, Jason Nixon.

On a new episode of his popular Youtube series Left Politics, Society and Culture, academic Christo Aivalis reacts to Andrew Scheer’s surprise resignation as Conservative Party Leader and the accusation that party money had been used to pay for his children’s private school education.