Listen to “The Fight for Affordable Housing in the Cities (Housing Party ep2)” on Spreaker.

On a new episode of Housing Party housing and human rights scholar David DesBaillets speaks with Projet Montréal city councilor Craig Sauvé on how the city’s progressive civic government is making gains for housing access and affordability in its ambitious 20/20/20 agenda.

Jason Kenney’s new budget is making Albertans everywhere pay more so that large, profitable corporations can get billions of dollars in tax cuts. Team Advantage assembles to survey the damage. What’s with the attacks on organized labour? What’s the point of austerity, if it’s proven not to create jobs or growth?

Alberta has deliberately designed its economy to be reliant on oil and gas production–which means the international climate change crisis matters here more than almost anywhere else. But you won’t hear much on that subject from Alberta’s monolithic, corporate media establishment. On this special episode of the Progress Report, taped live at the University of Calgary on November 4th, we interview climate activist and former Oil Sands Advisory Group member Tzeporah Berman to understand the climate debate beyond the narrow perspective and shallow discourse we get here in Alberta.

On episode 64 of 49th Parahell, host Rob Rousseau and Riley Quinn of the popular and provocative London-based podcast Trashfuture discuss Bill Gates, the scam of billionaire philanthropy and the high stakes Season Finale that is the United Kingdom’s December general election.

The direction Canada’s Green’s take in a post-May world will be crucial to its success or failure. Will the party opt for a big name leader like Jody Wilson Raybould? Will it continue with May’s eco-capitalist route, or will it adopt a more eco-socialist vision that could bring more cooperation with Jagmeet Singh and the NDP

On a new episode of his popular YouTube show Left Politics, History and Culture, Kingston-based activist and academic Christo Aivalis explains why this is a sea change moment for the Green Party of Canada.