Listen to “The 20th Century: Mackenzie King and the Canadian Subconscious (w/ Kino Lefter)” on Spreaker.

On a special Canada Day crossover host Andre Goulet teams up with the sensational socialist film crit of Kino Lefter! Join Abdul, Laura, Evan and Dre for a hallucinogenic history tour as they unpack Matthew Rankin’s surreal 2019 not-quite-biopic ‘The 20th Century’ featuring beloved bachelor and long-time Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King.

In this week’s Tech Won’t Save Us, host and Newfoundland-based academic Paris Marx is joined by Motherboard senior staff writer Aaron W. Gordon to discuss how VC-backed tech companies upended the bike-share industry, how that specifically played out in the case of Uber and Jump, and why the dockless bike and scooter model is failing.

The United Conservative Party have dramatically changed the rules around municipal elections in Alberta making it easier for conservatives to win and for big money to sway elections. On a new episode of The Progress Report, host Duncan Kinney dissects the rule changes and the upcoming municipal horse races in Edmonton and Calgary with writer and activist Romy Garrido.

On this week’s episode of Oats for Breakfast the Toronto socialists chat with Green Party leadership candidate Dimitri Lascaris about how he became a socialist, the need to abolish billionaires, his hopes for advancing a progressive agenda that can grow the Green Party, Canada’s failed bid to win a UN Security Council seat and more.

The media crit gang at Big Shiny Takes return to read through Jordan Peterson’s comeback column at the National Post about how cultural Marxism has infiltrated academia at the highest levels! In other words, the exact same one note he’s been hitting for the past few years. Has a benzo addiction scare and an induced coma in Russia changed nothing for Canada’s most famous cultural crank? The boys discuss.