Listen to “Pandemic Pals: Winnipeg (w/ Emily Leedham + James Wilt)” on Spreaker.

On episode 125 Emily Leedham, James Wilt and host Andre Goulet talk COVID19 in Manitoba, call out the CERB for leaving undocumented workers behind and explore why the left’s response to the recent Winnipeg PD murders and to police killings everywhere should be to call for the abolition of the police.
Plus: releasing a major book on the future of public transit in the middle of a pandemic, Harvey’s burgers as the ultimate form of quarantine self-care and: are cats the anti-Twitter?

Alberta is leaving workers without immigration status behind, excluding them from health care coverage in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Marco Luciano of Migrante Alberta joins Team Advantage to discuss the demands migrant and undocumented workers are making, as well as the role workers play in providing essential services during the pandemic.

On a new episode of the Toronto-based Oats for Breakfast, co-host Umair Muhammad reports from Pakistan about the way the way the COVID-19 crisis is playing out in the Global South. The episode features a conversation on policing, the strife of daily wage earners, minority scapegoating the case of Kerala, where an effective lockdown and provisioning strategy has allowed the spread of the virus to be contained.

Listen to “Saison spéciale confinement – Épisode 4 – Chez soi là-bas” on Spreaker.
On a new episode of the french language podcast Les Ficelles, hosts Amélie, Robin et Solène are joined by Roxane Noël, a Québécoise PhD student in philosophy at the University of Cambridge who’s pursuing her quarantine in England.

With more than a quarter of it’s long-term care centers infected with COVID-19, how is Quebec’s government dealing with the situation? On this french language report, Ricochet unpacks the mounting tragedy in the province’s CHLSDs.

On this french-language report, residents of Mexico, Paris, New York, Dakar, Jeddah, Bruselles and around Montréal describe how they’re experiencing quarantine.

On a new episode of his popular Youtube show Left Politics, History and Culture Kingston academic Christo Aivalis explores the new evidence that Tara Reade’s claims against Joe Biden are accurate and explains why the Democratic Party’s presidential front-runner must drop out.