Listen to “The Future Fix: Inclusion and Gentrification in the Smart City (Face au Future ep1)” on Spreaker.

How do post-secondary institutions, and specifically their campuses, fit into the smart city landscape? How is the Université of Montréal’s new Campus MIL impacting one of Canada’s poorest neighbourhoods? And as innovative, tech-enabled spaces make their way into our cities who is being left behind? This is the first of three special French-language episodes of Spacing Magazine’s Face au Futur hosted by Katia Gaid and produced by Andre Goulet.

Renowned author, journalist and activist Cory Doctorow returns to Out of Left Field to discuss the recently approved Sidewalk Labs “smart city” development in Toronto, the prospects of technologically integrated cities and whether the market can really be an effective tool for meeting human needs.

On episode 67 of 49th Parahell, activist and journalist James Wilt joins host Rob Rousseau to discuss the global climate strike, the radical movement of organized transit fare evasion from Chile to Toronto and how free public transport could just be the central cog in the struggle for climate justice.

On this week’s episode of The Progress Report say hello to Frank Oliver, the man who tried to block black people from coming to Canada, created modern Western Canada by stealing massive amounts of land from Indigenous people and personally profited from the whole thing. Did we mention that he has schools, pools and huge swathes of Edmonton named after him? Host Duncan Kinney dives into Oliver’s legacy with filmmaker, broadcaster and activist Jodi Calahoo-Stonehouse.

On a new episode of Left Politics, History and Culture, Kingston-based activist and academic Christo Aivails explores why both moderate Conservatives in Eastern Canada and social conservatives in the West feel that Andrew Scheer failed represent their values and explains why the next few months will be all about Scheer trying to save his job.

Listen to “S2 – Épisode 10 – L’amour avec un grand K” on Spreaker.
On this week’s episode of Les Ficelles, Ricochet’s feminist critique of the colossal cultural phenomenon of Quebec reality TV show Occupation Double, host Amélie Faubert, Solène Paré and guest Perrye-Delphine Seraphin discuss symbolism and the cult of the celebrity, dismantle the hegemony of the romantic couple and explore what’s become of the previous season’s contestants.