Listen to “Singh’s Surge, Broken Democratic Norms and an Election About Race” on Spreaker.

The Singh surge and a full frontal attack on democratic norms from Maxime Bernier and Rebel Media….on episode 105 of the show, political analyst Ludvic Moquin-Beaudry and attorney Laurence Ricard join host Andre Goulet to explore week 5 of Canada’s 43rd Federal Election.

Plus: correspondent Savanna Craig and activist Sania Malik discuss Quebec’s Law 21 and it’s impact on the campaign and socialist, housing activist and NDP candidate Christine Paré explains how she’s taking the fight to Justin Trudeau in his own riding of Papineau in Montreal.

Look for coast to coast analysis of the election results on episode 106 of Unpacking the News the evening of Tuesday, October 22nd with Hugh Stewart (Dog Island) in Halifax, Maika Sondarjee (le Plancher des Vaches) and Rob Rousseau (49th Parahell) in Montreal, Christo Aivalis in Kingston, Kate Jacobson (The Alberta Advantage) in Calgary and Ricochet editor Derrick O’Keefe in Vancouver.

On a new episode of the Victoria-based Out of Left Field, the gang speak with rabble.caeditor Sophia Reuss to discuss corporate consolidation of Canadian media, the climate crisis and ‘There’s No Journalism On a Dead Planet’, her new piece at Briarpatch:

On ep61 of 49th Parahell, host Rob Rousseau offers a definitive, highly-informed take on Syria and the Kurds. Then Vancouver academic and activist Hilary Agro returns to the show to talk about AOC endorsing Bernie, the eve of the 43rd Canadian federal election, strategic voting, drug policy and much more.

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On a new episode of his popular Left Politics, History and Culture Youtube channel, Kingston-based academic and activist Christo Aivalis explains why Jagmeet Singh is now the champion and leader of Canada’s progressive movement and why only support for the NDP can ensure that Canadians have a progressive path forward in the coming years.

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Far from instituting a worker’s state, labour under Alberta’s NDP saw the government pursue wage containment and strike avoidance, often in the process undermining their own union supporters. Why is it that a supposed left-wing government prided itself on delivering zero-percent increases to public sector unions? How did the NDP’s failure to take on the fossil fuel industry make them look weak and hypocritical?

On a new episode of the podcast. Nick Driedger joins Team Advantage to discuss his latest piece at entitled “The Ugly Reality of Unions under Social Democracy.” Read it at…social-democracy/

PLUS: check out Ricochet’s french edition to hear the latest episode of election podcast Le Plancher Des Vaches and episode 4 of the new season of Les Ficelles, a feminist critique of the hit Quebec reality TV show ‘Occupation Double’-!