Listen to “Tension and Solidarity at the Regina Refinery Lockout” on Spreaker.
On a Labour double feature episode of Unpacking the News, host Andre Goulet welcomes Winnipeg-based organizer and broadcaster Emily Leedham (Rank & File: Prairie Edition) to discuss her experience on the frontlines of the Unifor Local 594 blockade at Regina’s Co-op oil refinery.
Then, Montreal journalist Jon Milton discusses Concordia University’s February 11th ‘Transform Your Workplace, Save the Planet’ conference and the broader mission of building bridges between organized labour and the Climate Justice movement.

Nowadays, a “public enterprise” means the government bought a leaky pipeline— but public enterprises have a long and successful history in Canada, providing services and public goods that private actors in the market economy could never muster. Journalist and author Linda McQuaig joins Team Advantage to discuss her latest book, ‘The Sport & Prey of Capitalists: How the Rich Are Stealing Canada’s Public Wealth’.

Discover how the Trudeau Liberals’ Infrastructure Bank is a giant handout to BlackRock! Unearth the history of Canadian National, Canada’s public railway, and its role in shaping radio broadcasts and the CBC! Gasp in shock as you learn that a wildly popular public Postal Office Savings Bank existed in Canada until 1968, when Canada’s big private banks lobbied to undermine it!

Kenney’s UCP government recently announced a new funding model for post-secondary education: 40% of institutional funding will now depend on performance measures, such as graduate employment rates, median graduate income, provisioning skills to labour markets, and sponsored research revenues. While this is a wet dream for auditors and management consultants, this new bureaucracy threatens the integrity of Alberta’s universities and colleges, and risks phasing out innovative new research. University of Regina professor Dr. Marc Spooner joins Team Advantage to discuss the implications of this new funding model.

On a special Out of Left Field bonus episode the Victoria socialists are joined by marine biologist Sarika-Cullis Suzuki to discuss her CBC The Nature of Things documentary film ‘The Kingdom of the Tide’ exploring the tidal ecosystem of both the west and east costs of Canada and the small, tiny creatures that inhabit them. Plus: the environmentalist movement, climate change, activism, and feeling bad about slagging off the BC Eco-Socialists in the last episode.

Progress Alberta speaks with the only person to provide even a halfway amount of drama in Alberta during the last federal election – Michael Kalmanovitch. He was the Green candidate for Edmonton-Strathcona who, just days before the federal election, threw his support behind NDP candidate Heather McPherson the only non-Conservative elected to parliament in Alberta. We talk about why he did it, what the Greens can learn from this and what’s next for the Canadian Greens as Liz May steps down.

On a new episode of his popular YouTube show Left Politics, History and Culture academic Christo Aivalis explains why, in spite of Bernie Sanders’ victory in the Iowa Caucus, the Democratic National Committee and its Chair Tom Perez will try to take it away from him.