Listen to “Pandemic Pals: Vancouver (w/ Charlie Demers + David Harris)” on Spreaker.

On episode 122 it’s picnics, panics and positive energy as Vancouver comics and hosts of the Fight or Flight Crew mental health podcast Charlie Demers and David Harris join the show to talk rent freeze, economic collapse and what the coronavirus crisis looks like from a Pacific Rim perspective.

Are front-line workers equipped with what they need to prevent the spread of COVID-19— and if not, how are they organizing to ensure the health and safety of their workplaces? Roland Schmidt, president of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers Local 730, joins Team Advantage to discuss the conditions at mail facilities, the difference between management’s communications and actions, and the importance of workfloor organizing in getting demands met.

On a new episode of Out of Left Field the Victoria socialists are joined by long time friend of the show and Jacobin science writer Leigh Phillips to discuss the global coronavirus pandemic, salute the hard working grocery store employees and health care workers, talk about how free market capitalism is unable to deal with this crisis and more.

Last week Premier Jason Kenney committed the biggest mass layoff in Alberta’s history in the middle of a pandemic, the kind of cruel and contemptible behaviour the province has come to expect. To help process and understand the fallout from the brutal decision to fire 26,000 education workers, Edmonton Public School Board trustee Bridget Stirling joins the show.

In collaboration with, the Oats for Breakfast podcast hosts a discussion about South Asia including a conversation about Hindutva and the closing off of space for dissent in India, some of the seemingly-parallel trends currently underway in Pakistan, the contradictions of minority nationalism, and a fair bit else.

Bernie Sanders’ plan to help the United States through this economic crisis is ambitious; it not only includes Medicare for All, but also trillions of dollars of aid and a $2000 monthly emergency Basic Income. On a new episode of his popular Left Politics, Society and Culture YouTube show, Kingston-based academic Christo Aivalis explains how Bernie Sanders is launching a 21st century New Deal to protect working-class people when they need it most.