Listen to “Economic Development and Disparity in Parc-Extension (Housing Party ep3)” on Spreaker.
On a new episode of ‘Housing Party’ on Unpacking the News, Faiz Abhuani of Brick by Brick joins host David DesBaillets to explore his organization’s work in financially sustainable community housing initiatives, racialized gentrification and much more.

Join DesBaillets every two months for a new conversation on housing in Canada with experts, policy wonks and scholars examining the challenges cities face in providing affordable, adequate and accessible housing for Canadians.

Listen to “Episode 2: Wet’suwet’en Territory On The Brink” on Spreaker.
A warm Ricochet Podcast Network welcome to new B.C.-based show Left Behind: Socialism in an Age of Right Wing Populism…..on this week’s new episode: Coastal GasLink has signed agreements with 20 First Nations’ elected band councils, but 5 hereditary chiefs remain steadfast in their opposition to the pipeline. Environmental activists have joined the fight, and no one is backing down.

On this week’s episode of the Victoria-based Out of Left Field, the gang talks about BC politics and reviews the performance of the milquetoast BC NDP / Green Party government, the overall failure to deliver social democracy, dragging their feet on a $15/hour minimum wage, the LNG development up north that will annihilate our greenhouse gas emissions targets, the Unist’ot’en blockade and other protests, the implementation of ride sharing scabs in BC, their mistreatment of the BC Teachers Union, the legacy of the Dave Barrett government of the 1970’s and more.

Imperial Oil’s internal documents prove that they knew the realities of climate change decades ago— yet continued to confuse the issue in public as it continued to ramp up production. Murtaza Hussain, journalist for The Intercept, joins Team Advantage to discuss his recent piece, “Imperial Oil, Canada’s Exxon Subsidiary, Ignored Its Own Climate Change Research for Decades, Archive Shows.” Find out what Imperial Oil knew and when— and discover their interest in surveilling prominent members of the Canadian left.

Jason Kenney’s brutal class warfare on Albertans on behalf of the rich means people want to fight back. And one of the biggest tools working folks have to fight back is the general strike – but it’s not to be undertaken lightly. We talk to academic and activist Sam Gindin (CAW Research Director, 1974-2000) about the lessons learned from the Days of Action in Ontario in the ‘90s fighting Mike Harris and what folks who are considering a general strike today need to to think about.

Just a few days away from the Iowa caucuses, Bernie Sanders is surging in the polls and everyone is losing their minds. On episode 74 of Montreal’s 49th Parahell, YouTuber Kyle Kulinski (Secular Talk) joins host Rob Rousseau to break down the ongoing liberal meltdown. Plus: some exciting news about the future of the show.

Ricochet correspondent Jerome Turner has been in Wet’suwet’en territory since January 20, 2020. In this video Ricochet explores the background for the stand off happening now between water protectors and the RCMP.

A new report from Politico this week suggested that “Democratic National Committee members discuss rules change to stop Sanders at convention”. On a new episode of his popular YouTube show Left Politics, History and Culture Kingston-based Academic Christo Aivalis explains why this indicates that some backroom elites in the DNC are trying to empower superdelegates to stop Bernie Sanders from winning the 2020 democratic nomination.