The Alberta Advantage (Mini Episode)- Killers, Queers, and the Birth of Canadian Socialism: 1st Legion of Utopia

Writer James Davidge and artist Nick Johnson join Team Advantage to discuss their graphic novel, 1st Legion of Utopia, an “epic tale of killers, queers, and the birth of Canadian socialism.” The story follows a violent world of social unrest, political excitement, and pansy clubs— set in the Great Depression, it explores the forces surrounding the founding of the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation in the frontier city of Calgary.
Buy 1st Legion of Utopia here:…of-utopia/

Out of Left Field- Reading Series: Late Capitalist Lawnmower Hellscape

On a new episode of Out of Left Field, the gang read through Ben’s favourite article ever: ‘Why Even Driving Through Suburbia is Soul Crushing’, exploring the nitty gritty details of exactly HOW and WHY suburbia is a hostile environment to human beings.
Original article can be found here:

49th Parahell ep51- Nuremburg Mindset (w/ Eli Valley)

Host Rob Rousseau is joined by returning guest, political cartoonist Eli Valley, to discuss Trump’s increasingly apparent fascism, the targeting of Ilhan Omar, the ways in which the political/media establishment has failed to confront the crisis of the Trump presidency and how the modern far right uses Jewish trauma to advance their toxic & oppressive agenda.

Christo Aivalis’ ‘Left Politics, History and Culture’- ‘Elizabeth May Could Prop Up An Andrew Scheer Government’

The Kingston-based activist and academic weighs in on this week’s report that Green Party leader Elizabeth May will work with any political party that helps implement their environmental vision, even the Andrew Scheer-led Conservative Party of Canada.