Listen to “Quebec’s Quiet Dystopia: Fake News, the Values Test and Law 21” on Spreaker.

On episode 117 of Unpacking the News guests Gabrielle Brassard-Lecours and Ludvic Moquin-Beaudry help host Andre Goulet navigate life in the quiet dystopia of la Belle Province as the panel discuss the new values test for Quebec immigrants, Premier Francois Legault’s weird allegations aimed at the Kahnawake blockade and the latest on the state-sanctioned second class citizenship of Law 21.

On a new episode of Out of Left Feild the Victoria socialists discuss the ongoing democratic primary and the insane, kafkaesque primary system in the USA. Plus: exploring the ongoing protests surrounding the LNG project in northern BC and the widespread struggle against the Canadian petrostate.

Listen to “Left Behind Special Episode: International Women’s Day” on Spreaker.
On a new episode of Left Behind: Socialism in the Age of Right-wing Populism, host Chris Markevich explores how, even as International Women’s Day has tried to become more inclusive over the years, the message is too often hijacked by corporate interests.

On a new episode of his popular Left Politics, History and Culture YouTube show, Kingston-based academic Christo Aivalis analyzes a new campaign ad in which Dr. Cornel West explains how only Bernie Sanders is positioned to take on Donald Trump, how a milquetoast neoliberal like Joe Biden will fail at the task and why Sanders is the only onw who can lead the world in the right direction in these challenging times.