Listen to “Wexit and Jason Kenney’s War on Alberta” on Spreaker.

On episode 108 of Unpacking the News Progress Alberta executive director and Progress Report host Duncan Kinney joins Andre Goulet to explain how Jason Kenney’s 2019 budget is an opening salvo in the United Conservative Party’s war against Alberta civil society.

Plus: in spite of massive media hype and hysteria, does support for Wexit actually hold up? (Short answer: nope)

Team Advantage gets together to discuss a week of rapid-fire bad news. What is one to do when all the “checks and balances” our political system is supposed to have seem to get stripped away? Might there be some sort of power that could be organized to intervene? Listen in wonder as Team Advantage explains the difference between a legal strike position (which is very difficult to attain) and an illegal strike (including wildcat and sympathy strikes, which tend be highly effective, but are obviously illegal so you should never do them).

It’s a very special Antifada/49th Parahell crossover as Sean KB joins host Rob Rousseau to step outside the never-ending horror of the news cycle and examine what it’s like to be alive at a time when major social upheaval seems like it’s just beyond the horizon.

To process the news of a hockey commentator cut down in his prime, Progress Report host Duncan Kinney is joined by comedian Mav Adecer and writer and hockey dad Tej Swatch to run through Don Cherry’s greatest hits of racism, misogyny and climate denial.

On a new episode of his popular Left Politics, History and Culture YouTube show, Kingston-based activist and academic Christo Aivails discusses how Ottawa Vanier MP Mona Fortier’s Minister for Middle Class Prosperity position is little more than a political advertisement and explains why it shows how Trudeau may not be willing to cooperate with Jagmeet Singh to make meaningful change via policies like Pharmacare.