On a new episode of 49th Parahell, NDP Member of Parliament Matthew Green (Hamilton Center) joins Montreal-based host Rob Rousseau to discuss a career ranging from activism to city council to Parliament Hill, his skepticism of party politics, the Prime Minister’s shallow performative progressivism, systemic racism in Canada, abolishing the police and much more.

How might we tax wealth, and what do the proposals to do so look like? How would we enforce a wealth tax? What other measures can be taken to address the growing inequality we face? And what if we started taxing the accumulated wealth of billionaires? Alex Hemingway, Economist and Public Finance Policy Analyst at the Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives, joins Team Advantage to discuss his recent piece.

On another new episode of Calgary’s popular and prolific Alberta Advantage podcast, the team explore how the COVID-19 crisis has highlighted a range of problems with housing in Canada, in particular the relative failure of the market to deliver safe, accessible, and affordable housing to Canadians. Plus: what could be done to bring housing into common or public ownership?

On a new episode of Edmonton’s The Progress Report, host Duncan Kinney and comedian, public speaker and organizer Adora Nwofor discuss the struggle to end police brutality in Calgary and rural Alberta.

On this week’s Tech Won’t Save Us, Newfoundland-based writer and academic Paris Marx is joined by Banu Subramaniam and Debjani Bhattacharyya to discuss Indian politics under Narendra Modi and the BJP; how contract-tracing apps and geofencing are being used to monitor people during COVID-19; and how Hindu nationalism is informing responses to the pandemic on WhatsApp.

On a new episode of Out of Left Field, the Victoria socialists discuss best practices for protesting and keeping yourself safe while exercising your Charter sanctioned rights and explore some of the details of cell phone safety including options for mesh networks and other alternative methods of communication.

On this week’s episode, Toronto socialism podcast Oats for Breakfast explore the recent wave of protests that were sparked by George Floyd’s murder in Minneapolis, critically discuss the potential impacts of the protests on the upcoming US election and consider the merits of defunding the police.