The UCP have dropped their first budget and it’s the cruel and brutal austerity they promised. Producer Jim steps out from behind the mixing board to join us as we sift through this awful budget to bring you everything you need to know.

Outside of the Ukrainian Youth Unity Complex in north Edmonton is a statue of Roman Shukheyvych – a Nazi collaborator who took part in the mass murder of Jews. Local activist Paula Kirman and host Duncan Kinney discuss Shukheyvych’s historical legacy with Per Anders Rudling, an expert on the Ukrainian far right.

On a new episode of the Victoria-based Out of Left Field the gang welcome friend of the show and temporary Kamloops NDP candidate Dock Currie to discuss the 43rd Federal Election results, #WEXIT and what the next four years (or four weeks) may hold in store for Canada.

In the recent 2019 Canadian election, Canadians voted in a Liberal Minority Government under Justin Trudeau. But polling from Abacus Data before and after the 2019 Canadian Federal Election showed that the majority of Canadians want a Liberal NDP coalition and more cooperation between Justin Trudeau and NDP leader Jagmeet Singh.

In essence, Canadians stategically voted for Trudeau and the Liberal Party, but they want Jagmeet Singh’s NDP policies on taxing the rich, pharmacare, housing, dentalcare, and ending student loan interest.

On a new episode of his popular YouTube series Left Politics, History and Culture, academic Christo Aivails explains why it is now incumbent on Trudeau to work with Singh to implement those policies.