On a new episode of Out of Left Field, the gang welcomes Politicoast host and friend of the show Ian Bushfield to discuss the reopening of British Columbia’s economy, how the crisis is changing rental markets, right-wing protests against the lock down measures and more.

Introducing Tech Won’t Save Us, a new podcast critically examining the tech industry, its thought leaders and the worldview that emanates from Silicon Valley. On this episode, host Paris Marx is joined by law professor Veena Dubal to discuss how Uber’s misclassification of drivers as independent contractors denies them rights and protections granted to other workers and how that’s causing even more problems during the pandemic. Subscribe to Tech Won’t Save Us wherever you get your podcasts!

In Alberta and across the country, long-Term Care facilities have been the sites of deadly COVID-19 outbreaks. But what is long-term care, how is it funded and operated and what are conditions like for persons in care, as well as for workers? On this week’s episode of The Alberta Advantage, the team examines how, as our aging population requires increasing care, we might build a system that treats our elders and those who cannot work with dignity and respect— while providing low-carbon, green care-work jobs.

Introducing Big Shiny Takes, a new podcast that takes a caustic, critical look at Canada’s commentariat and pundit class. On this week’s episode, the gang takes on retired CTV broadcaster Don Martin and his opinion that provinces taking steps to ensure they prevent the spread of COVID-19 is bad because he won’t be able to get to PEI this summer. Then, the boys dismantle Toronto Sun columnist Anthony Furey’s defense of Canadian music legend Bryan Adams’ deranged anti-China social media rant. Subscribe to Big Shiny Takes wherever you get your podcasts!

On a new episode, friend of the pod (and Big Shiny Takes co-host) Jeremy Appel joins the show to talk about how his latest story for The Progress Report, The Manitok Manoeuvre, why The Calgary Herald cares more about “big beef days” than dead meatpacking workers and the latest on Progress Report‘s transition to a full-time media organization.

Listen to “Saison spéciale confinement – Épisode 10 – À qui la rue?” on Spreaker.
On this week’s episode of Ricochet‘s powerful leftist, feminist french-language podcast Les Ficelles, hosts Amélie, Robin and Solène discover cyclo-féminisme with Radio-Canada contributor and independent journalist Gabrielle Anctil.

Last week Amazon announced that they would be cutting the wages and overtime pay of its workers in Canada at the same time that Jeff Bezos is on pace to become a Trillionaire, leading NDP Member of Parliament Matthew Green (Hamilton Center) to call Bezos, and his class war, out. In an exclusive interview for Left Politics, History and Culture, Christo Aivalis speaks with Green about taking on Amazon and why he wants a Wealth Tax to ensure that working people don’t bear the brunt of economic recovery.