On episode 56 of Montreal-based 49th Parahell, Livvy Fanon joins host Rob Rousseau to discuss the ancient art of billionaire boat murder and shatters Canada’s carefully cultivated image as a nation that has moved beyond its violent settler colonial roots. Plus: the wonderful Bret Stephens/bedbug saga, the now-former Quillette “journalist” possibly facing some legal issues and the latest in the profoundly undemocratic Brexit process.

Team Advantage and Central Canada Correspondent Brendan take a look at the radical Québecois politics of the late 1960s and early 1970s, culminating in a general strike in 1972, and examine the history of uneven development, the politics of anticolonial struggle, the radicalisation of labour groups and the state repression brought on by the 1970 October Crisis.
Listen to “The Cities vs. AirBnB (Housing Party, E1)” on Spreaker.

Where and when is Airbnb activity happening in Canada? Who is making money on Airbnb and how? And are short-term rentals threatening long-term housing in Canada? Join UQAM housing and human rights scholar David DesBaillets and prominent McGill critical urbanist David Wachsmuth for a conversation on AirBnB and the good and bad ways in which online and digital platforms are distorting and transforming the Canadian housing sector.

On a new episode of Radio Free Winnipeg, hosts Scott Price and Greg Gallinger talk with Saskatoon-based rapper Kay the Aquanaut about his influences, his politics and why he continues to grind as an independent artist on the prairies

On a new episode of his popular Youtube series Left Politics, History and Culture, Kingston-based academic Christo Aivalis discusses media bias against Jagmeet Singh and how it mirrors the overwhelmingly negative media coverage of Bernie Sanders in the United States.