As the Black Lives Matter movement continues to make its presence known in Canada and the United States, racist and colonial statues are increasingly being subject to the intense gravitational pull of the Earth. What kinds of statues and monuments are objectionable in Canada? What’s being done about it? And what do statues have to do with how we remember history? Team Advantage is joined by Sean Carleton , Assistant Professor in the Departments of History and Native Studies at the University of Manitoba, to discuss Nazi monuments, colonizing nation-builders who do genocide, and why it’s good and cool that statues of these figures come crashing down.

On this week’s Tech Won’t Save Us, Paris Marx is joined by KQED reporter Sam Harnett to talk about how tech journalism legitimized the exploitative gig economy and the long fight of California ride-hail drivers to be recognized as employees.

On a new episode of Big Shiny Takes Stephen Magusiak of PressProgress joins the show to explain a guy named Steven Kerzner (aka. hyperpartisan Liberal troll Ed the Sock) to Stephen from American podcast Haus of Decline in light of Kerzner’s recent racist remarks against NDP leader Jagmeet Singh. Join the gang as they attempt to answer the question: was Kerzner ever actually funny, or are we just nostalgic for a simpler time?

On a new episode of his prolific Left Politics, History and Culture show host Christo Aivalis is joined by NDP Member of Parliament for Winnipeg Centre Leah Gazan to discuss her new motion in Parliament dedicated to providing all Canadians a Guaranteed Livable Basic Income. In this in-depth discussion, Gazan explains how it can replace and improve upon the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit and makes the case for why the motion should be supported by MPs from every party in the House of Commons.