On a new episode of The Progress Report it’s an Edmonton podcaster super summit as host Duncan Kinney welcomes writer, film-maker and Kino Lefter co-host Abdul Malik to make the case for why the United Conservative Party’s new union busting bill is actually good. Plus: Duncan follows up on his story about the Ukrainian Nazi collaborator war criminal statue by going down the Ukrainian Nazi collaborator rabbit hole.

On this week’s Tech Won’t Save Us, St. John’s, Newfoundland-based host Paris Marx is joined by “Too Smart” author Jathan Sadowski to discuss the politics of smart technology, how it enables powerful actors to further control the population and why we should be more comfortable dismantling technologies that don’t serve the public good.

On the latest episode of Calgary’s premier Marxist podcast, The Alberta Advantage dig into the history of coal mining in Nova Scotia, examining the role of the labour movement, de-industrialization and attempts at nationalization, the history of mining disasters, the long-term effects of regional decline and explore what Alberta can learn from Nova Scotia’s experience.

The cross-country comrades at Big Shiny Takes are back as they call-in from Medicine Hat and Toronto to read a listener-requested column and ponder: why is American commentator Jonah Goldberg being published in the Toronto Sun! In the column, Goldberg argues that despite many US police forces having originating from slave patrols, it’s unfair to say the history of policing is steeped in racism. As part of this column’s weird, disjointed approach to making its point poorly the reader is taken on a journey through the history of policing and law enforcement, inexplicably ending up in ancient Rome.