Listen to “Pandemic Pals: Newfoundland (w/ Drew Brown)” on Spreaker.

On episode 123 journalist Drew Brown (The Independent, VICE) joins host Andre Goulet to lament the loss of Newfoundland shed culture, analyze the gigantic hole in Trudeau’s Canada Emergency Response Benefit plan and explore why the global pandemic may be an extinction event for journalism.

The last ‘modern’ pandemic occurred in 1918 as the First World War wound down— and revolution was in the air. What can be learned from what happened in 1918, and can the responses to that pandemic tell us anything about our own moment? Team Advantage assembles to discuss the relevance of 1918 in our own times.

In the second part of its collaborative discussion with, Toronto podcast Oats for Breakfast chats about some of the protest movements currently active in India and Pakistan, including the anti-war Pashtun Tahafuz Movement and the Shaheen Bagh sit-ins. We also talk about the repression in Kashmir, and about how inter-ethnic and inter-religious conflict can help to undermine the class struggle in South Asia.

Listen to “Saison spéciale confinement – Épisode 1 – Intro” on Spreaker.
Quebec’s most popular french-language feminist podcast is back for a special season of episodes from quarantine! Deux fois par semaine, elles aborderont avec leurs invitées différents thèmes au temps du coronavirus. Ne les manquez pas dans de nouveaux épisodes tous les mardis et jeudis.

On a new french-language explainer video, Ricochet explores who’s being left behind in the Trudeau government’s new Canadian Emergency Relief Benefit.

On a new episode of his popular YouTube show Left Politics, History and Culture Kingston-based academic Christo Aivalis explains why,while Joe Biden losing to Donald Trump is not 100% guaranteed, core Biden weaknesses are likely to cause defeat unless Biden fundamentally changes how he runs his campaign and policy.