Listen to “Canada’s Left Heritage: Radical 1920s Labour Organizer Léa Roback (Epilogue ep1)” on Spreaker.

On the inaugural episode of history podcast Epilogue, hosts rabbi Avi Finegold and archivist Jessica Zimmerman explore a frayed copy of bilingual periodical ‘The Organizer’ from 1920’s labour organization the International Ladies Garment Makers Union and discuss the influential Canadian social activist, pacifist and feminist Léa Roback. Plus Malcolm X in post-colonial 1960’s Algeria and a New Year’s reflection from Unpacking the News host Andre Goulet.

On a new episode of the Montreal’s 49th Parahell, host Rob Rousseau welcomes Chapo Trap House‘s Will Menaker for a wide-ranging conversation on the seemingly de-escalating Iran conflict, Bernie’s campaign, Jeffrey Epstein/all-powerful mastermind Kevin Spacey and much more.

Jason Kenney’s ultra-secretive War Room, officially known as the Canadian Energy Centre, is tasked with taking on critics of Alberta’s energy industry in real time. With a budget of $30 million in public funds and no transparency, we can only assume that they spent all of their money on their first video ad, which they have now pulled from their YouTube channel.
Join Team Advantage as they respond in real time to this first attempt at energy-industry propaganda, paid for with public funds.

On this week’s episode of the Victoria-based Out of Left Field, the crew is joined by foreign policy analyst Derek Davison to talk about the recent brinkmanship between Iran and the United States, the situation in the Middle East, Trump’s foreign policy and more.

When we hear about mobility in the smart city we might think of hyperloops and flying cars, but ‘smart’ mobility can be as ordinary as our morning commute. On a new episode of Face au Future, host Katia Gaid is joined by activist Etienne Grandmont (Accès transport viable) and engineer and manager Thierry St-Cyr (Centre d’Incubation et d’Accélération en Mobilité Intelligente à Laval) to explore Quebec City’s new Tramway project and the transition to smart and sustainable mobility. This is the second of three special French-language episodes of Spacing magazine’s The Future Fix.

As #TrudeauBeard trends on Canadian Twitter and major news outlets like the Canadian Press cover the Prime Minister’s facial hair as serious news, some are suggesting that the focus on the beard is a sign that Canadians are lucky for not having real problems like Americans do with Donald Trump and his government. On a new episode of Left Politics, History and Culture, Kingston-based academic Christo Aivalis suggests that the superficial focus on Trudeau–positive and negative–protects him from and kind of meaningful critique..