Once upon a time, Alberta’s cable channels and airwaves were considered a public good, worthy of a non-commercial educational broadcaster: Access Television. On a new episode, Team Advantage explores the history, ambitions, and legacy of this effort to build public, commercial-free and education-oriented programming, as well as the role of privatization in its eventual demise.

Listen to “Episode 3: The Great Canadian Conservative Con Job, Part I” on Spreaker.
On a new episode of the British Columbia-based Left Behind: Socialism in the Age of Right-wing Populism host Chris Markevich explains why, instead of diversifying their economies and accepting the reality that fossil fuels are on the way out, Alberta’s government is doubling down in a flurry of pro-oil propaganda and petro-patriotism.

On a new episode of the Kingston-based Left Politics, History and Culture host Christo Aivalis explains how, with a 21 point lead in California, a 9 point lead in Texas and a 14 point overall lead overall, democratic socialist Bernie Sanders is primed to win big in next week’s Super Tuesday Democratic Primary .

Listen to “S2 – Épisode 1 : Le péril brun” on Spreaker.
On a new season of le Plancher des Vaches, join journalists Ludvic Moquin-Beaudry, Martin Forgues and Gabrielle Brassard-Lecours as they cast their attention outside of Quebec and Canada to explore a different geopolitical theme on each bi-weekly episode. This week the lens falls on Europe, with a focus on the rise of the far-right in Italy, Germany and France.