Listen to “Donut Discourse + the Wet’suwet’en Pipeline Standoff” on Spreaker.

On a ‘short and tweet’ mini episode of Unpacking the News, host Andre Goulet serves up a selection of decadent online hot takes exploring all sides of this week’s dumb donut discourse.
Plus: live audio from the Wet’suwet’en pipeline standoff in northern B.C. and information on how you can help support journalist Jerome Turner’s important work inside the Unist’ot’en camp.

Remember when the Trudeau government purchased the leaky 66-year-old Trans Mountain from Kinder Morgan? Turns out that the pipeline is locking in some extraordinary costs to the public at the same time that it provides a massive discount to major oilsands producers. On a new episode of Calgary’s Alberta Advantage, economist Robyn Allan joins the show to explain how bad of a deal the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion really is.

January 22, 2020: Former MLA and Alberta Liberal Party leader Dr. David Swann calls for a citizen tax strike as Alberta’s oil and gas producers owe $173 million to rural municipalities. Plus: Regan Boychuk of the Alberta Liabilities Disclosure Project proposes taking on industry to clean up industry’s unfunded environmental liabilities. This a special ‘News Flash’ mini episode of The Alberta Advantage podcast.

Documents from the archives of Calgary’s Glenbow Museum show that Imperial Oil, a subsidiary of Exxon, knew about the catastrophic effects of climate change before anyone. Instead of telling the world and transforming their business they suppressed their research, started a climate denial PR war and started building dossiers and surveilling climate activists.

On a new episode of Edmonton-based The Progress Report podcast, The Intercept‘s Murtaza Hussain joins the show to discuss his story on the Esso cover-up and his investigative journalism on the Iran Cables.

“The way you defeat Trump is by putting together a strong grassroots multigenerational multiracial working class movement, and that is exactly what we are doing” – Bernie Sanders

On a new episode of Left Politics, History and Culture, Kingston-based Academic Christo Aivalis explains why why Senator Bernie Sanders remains the best candidate to defeat Donald Trump in the upcoming 2020 American Presidential Election, making the case that neo-liberal Democrats like Joe Biden won’t drive turnout, leading to a Trump victory, while Sanders will build mass turnout among young people and those feeling left out by the political status quo.