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On ep109 of Unpacking the News journalist Anna Bianca Roach sits down with University of Toronto research and policy analyst Abtin Parnia to explore how the extreme Right’s anti-immigration ideology and population control rhetoric co-opts Green politics and the struggle for a sustainable and ecological future.

As election day approaches in the United Kingdom Novara Media‘s Eleanor Penny returns to the show to break down the completely upside down, madness-inducing UK media environment. Plus: why the British Tories fully embrace death cult status and daring to dream of the possibility that the Absolute Boy Jeremy Corbyn may be, in fact, about to do it.

While Albertans suffer from brutal austerity, corporations in the province will collectively pocket $4.7 billion dollars from Premier Jason Kenney’s corporate tax cut – at least that’s what the government of Alberta and the media is telling you. But when you dig into what these companies are telling their shareholders, you’ll find that Kenney’s corporate tax is costing Albertans at least $6 billion and probably much, much more. Canadian Union of Public Employees Senior Economist Angella MacEwen helps to explore the latest United Conservative Party deception on the latest episode of The Progress Report.

After NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh suggested that US President Donald Trump’s accusation that Justin Trudeau is two-faced is true, Liberal partisans jumped in to criticize Singh and Trump’s perceived alignment. On a new episode of his popular Youtube series Left Politics, Society and Culture, academic Christo Aivails points out that when you say you support indigenous kids and fight them in court, when you profess to support workers and bust their Charter rights and when you claim to stand for environmental justice and buy a pipeline, the statement is accurate: Justin Trudeau is two-faced.

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Plus, en francais, the grand finale of season 2 of Les Ficelles, a feminist critique of the hit Quebec reality TV show ‘Occupation Double’-!