Is the media narrative of an NDP in crisis over-hyped? Why is the Globe and Mail editorial board concern trolling Jagmeet Singh? And does the party need to make a sharp Left turn to make gains in the 2019 federal election?

On episode 77 of Unpacking the News ex-journalist Kai Nagata, Comms Director at B.C. citizen action network Dogwood, joins host Andre Goulet to assess where the New Democrats are at in 2019.

To read Kai’s recent work investigating the RCMP raid on Wet’suwet’en, organizing for electoral reform and more go to

Look up the vintage election ads on Youtube under:
‘Canadian ad – Ed Broadbent NDP’
‘NDP 1984 Election Commercial’
‘NDP Election Ads- 1985’

Music on this episode, ‘Mt. Fuji’ by Timecrawler, is courtesy of Creative Commons.

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