Well Reds

PODCAST: A critical discussion of Pankaj Mishra’s ‘Age of Anger’

Can we understand the rise of Modi and Trump through the lens of Rousseau vs. Voltaire?

Episode 3 of Well Reds features Charlie and Derrick discussing Pankaj Mishra’s Age of Anger — a sprawling, ambitious, and challenging work of political analysis and intellectual history.

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Mishra’s book explores the rise of right-wing authoritarians like Narendra Modi and Donald Trump, tracing the contradictions in capitalist modernity all the way back to the 18th Century.

In addition to a nuanced and wide-ranging discussion of Age of Anger, this episode also features the best imitation of Slavoj Žižek you’ll ever hear.

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Click here to download the podcast, or listen below.

Listen to "Episode 3 - Mad About You" on Spreaker.

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