Out of Left Field

A Green New Deal for Canada

On a new episode of Out of Left Field, journalist Leigh Phillips joins the show to discuss clean energy, FernGully and what a working class solution to global warming will look like
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Prolific British-Canadian journalist Leigh Phillips (check out his new The People's Republic of Wal-Mart, written w/ Michael Rozworski, out now from Verso books) returns to the show to explore the prospect of a Canadian Green New Deal.

Join Leigh and the hosts of the Victoria-based Out of Left Field podcast for a discussion on clean energy, the shortcomings of modern day environmentalism, FernGully, the opening skirmishes of decarbonisation versus decolonisation and the absolute necessity of a massive public sector solution to the climate crisis that we face.

Plus: why confronting the climate crisis will require a massive mobilisation of the working class and revolutionary politics.

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