This Week in Podcasts feat. 49th Parahell, The Alberta Advantage and more

....and introducing the Edmonton-based leftist film critique stylings of Kino Lefter!
The Alberta Advantage

Together at last- it's all of your favourite podcasts in a convenient weekly posting, including '49th Parahell' on the Epstein/Trump Connection, analysis of the CCF's 1956 Winnipeg Declaration of Principles from 'The Alberta Advantage', the very latest from Christo Aivalis' popular Youtube channel and a spooky seance as Unpacking the News communes with the ghost of Peter Lougheed. Plus: a review of the fairly fascist new film 'Stuber' from the Edmonton-based socialists at Kino Lefter!

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Listen to "Seance at Lougheed Manor" on Spreaker.

Unpacking the News, ep95 - 'Seance at Lougheed Mansion':

On a super spooky summer vacation episode of Unpacking the News, prepare to gasp in terror as host Andre Goulet and Joel Laforest of The Alberta Advantage podcast commune with the ghost of the late, legendary Peter Lougheed (PC Premier, 1971-1985)! You'll shudder in fear as Lougheed explains why, through the medium of a simple ouija board (and in contrast to contemporary trends in conservative politics), his legacy for the province is a radical one.

The Alberta Advantage, ep40 - 'The Winnipeg Declaration of Principles of the CCF (1956)'

Remember how the CCF's Regina Manifesto (1933) was a pleasure to read? Well, here we find out how the party 'moderated' its position. Formulated in the middle of the post-war boom and the Cold War, the Winnipeg Declaration softens the language and ambitions of the CCF, which would go on to become the NDP in 1961.

49th Parahell, ep50 - 'The Epstein Equasion'

Travis View of the Qanon Anonymous podcast joins host Rob Rousseau to talk about the emerging, depraved details of the Jeffrey Epstein case, and how the Qanon community is not only reacting to his arrest but reconciling it with his longtime association with President Donald Trump.

Christo Aivalis' 'Left Politics, History and Culture' - 'Justin Trudeau says There's no Alternative to the Liberals: He's Wrong'

Yesterday, Justin Trudeau met with the Canadian Teachers' Federation and said that despite his flaws and broken promises, there isn't an alternative to him unless people want to see Andrew Scheer and his Conservatives rule the country. Trudeau here is trying to do what Liberals have done forever: convince progressives that they have no choice, and that their desire for genuine change is unreasonable, and will only help Conservatives. But not only is Trudeau's argument disingenuous; it ignores the actual realities of how our voting system currently works, and how it should work.

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