This Week in Podcasts feat. The Alberta Advantage, Radio Free Winnipeg and more academic Christo Aivalis on the Bloc Québécois' racist dog whistling against Jagmeet Singh and the NDP
The Alberta Advantage
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Listen to "Liz May, the Climate Strike and the Rise of the Greens" on Spreaker. Journalist Martin Forgues, political analyst Ludvic Moquin-Beaudry, politics scholar Maika Sondarjee and host Andre Goulet sit down to discuss a wild and wonderful week for Elizabeth May's 'untraditional' Green Party of Canada, the polling fallout from Trudeau's racism scandal and why the Bloc Québécois' appeal to boomers is yo, a totally rad strategy. Plus: correspondent Savanna Craig speaks with Montreal activist Sam Kaizer about party policy and the LGBTQ+ community in this election.

Martin Lukacs joins Team Advantage to discuss his new book, The Trudeau Formula: Seduction and Betrayal in an Age of Discontent. How does Trudeau represent a rehabilitation of capitalism's image after the Harper years? What has been the purpose of Trudeau's "reconciliation industry?" How does Trudeau understand popular struggle? And last but not least, what happened with the LEAP manifesto during the 2016 Federal NDP convention in Edmonton?

Alberta's minimum wage is now "frozen," which means it will slowly be eroded by inflation. How many minimum- or low-wage workers are there in Alberta, and what do they look like? Joel French, Executive Director of Public Interest Alberta, joins Team Advantage to examine the consequences of the wage freeze, consider who's affected, discuss the realities of low-wage housing, and think on what to do about that pesky 1%.

Host Rob Rousseau talks about his experience at last week's Climate Strike in Montreal, then Christo Aivalis joins the program to weigh in on the NDP's prospects in the upcoming federal election, where they've gone wrong in the past, Jagmeet Singh's leadership tenure and much more.

On a new episode of his popular Youtube series Left Politics, History and Culture, Kingston-based academic Christo Aivalis describes the casual racism of Bloc Québécois leader Yves-François Blanchet at this week's french-language debate on TVA, in which suggested that the people of Quebec "Optez pour des femmes et des hommes qui vous ressemblent," (i.e. opt for women and men who look like you).

Christo says that this kind of dog whistle against NDP leader Jagmeet Singh is unacceptable, especially in the context of Quebec's Bill 21 and the racism Singh experienced the morning of the debate when a man in Montreal's Atwater Market told him to remove his turban.

It's the end of the line for the long-running left history and media criticism show Radio Free Winnipeg as hosts Greg Gallinger and Scott Price discuss past episodes and interviews, the decision to wind down and the potential legacy of the show.

PLUS: check out Ricochet en francais to hear the latest episode of election podcast Le Plancher Des Vaches and episode 2 of the new season of Les Ficelles, a feminist critique of the hit Quebec reality TV show 'Occupation Double'-!

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