Debate fails and the myth of the everyman Andrew Scheer

Join the panel as they explore week 4 of our grim and grotesque 2019 Federal Election psychodrama on ep104 of Unpacking the News
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Singh’s strength in the face of adversity impresses, the BQ tweets the quiet part out loud and American Andrew Scheer is....not actually an accountant? On episode 104 of the podcast journalist Martin Forgues, political analyst Ludvic Moquin-Beaudry and sociologist Julia Posca join host Andre Goulet to explore week 4 of our grim and grotesque 2019 Federal Election psychodrama.

Plus: correspondent Anna Bianca Roach speaks with Rank and File's Dave Bush to talk about Ontario’s Fight for $15 and Fairness campaign, what voters who care about labour rights should be looking for when they cast their ballot and how labour issues are, or aren’t, impacting the 43rd general election.

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Tune in weekly for more round-table discussions on 'Le Plancher des Vaches' at the end of every episode of Unpacking the News through to the end of October.

This conversation was recorded on October 6th, 2019. Listen to "Debate Fails, Toxic Discourse and the Myth of Scheer as the Everyman" on Spreaker.

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