Environmentalism, white supremacy and the green rhetoric of ecofascism

How the far-right is co-opting the struggle for an ecological future
Andre Goulet
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Listen to "Environmentalism, White Supremacy and the Green Rhetoric of Ecofascism" on Spreaker. On episode 109 of Unpacking the News journalist Anna Bianca Roach sits down with University of Toronto research and policy analyst Abtin Parnia to explore how the extreme Right's anti-immigration ideology and population control rhetoric co-opts Green politics and the struggle for a sustainable and ecological future.

Some of the articles cited on this episode include:

Betsy Hartmann, “Population Control I: Birth of an Ideology,” and “PopulationControl II:The Population Establishment Today,” International Journal of Health Services,1997, 27(3): 523-557

Courtney Parker. “An act of genocide: canada’s coerced sterilization of first nations women”. Intercontinental cry (November 15, 2019) https://intercontinentalcry.org/canadas-coerced-sterilization-of-first-nations-women/

Sarah Manavis. “Eco-fascism: The ideology marrying environmentalism and white supremacy thriving online”. New Stateman (September 21, 2018)


For more of Anna's investigative reporting go to annabiancaroach.com

This conversation was recorded on December 2nd, 2019.

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