This Week in Podcasts feat. Alberta Advantage, Left Behind and more journalist Ajit Singh talks American imperialism and Sinophobia on 49th Parahell
Out of Left Field
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Listen to "Pandemic Pals: Montreal (w/ Rob Rousseau + Marla Williams)" on Spreaker. On episode 121 pundit and podcaster Rob Rousseau (49th Parahell, The Insurgents) and friend of the show Marla Williams join host Andre Goulet to discuss the escalation of the COVID-19 pandemic in Quebec, to flag the threat of increased surveillance and government overreach during the crisis and to provide some solace, support and solidarity in the midst of troubled times. Plus: why it's more important than ever to lean into civic and democratic responsibilities and why hope and humour can be effective means for coping with the chaos.

What would it mean to imagine a future worth living in? Recorded roughly 10 days before the COVID-19 pandemic hit Canada, Team Advantage takes a look at the range of obstacles that prevent us from imagining a desirable future, and propose some useful resources for moving forward. Featuring Fredric Jameson's "it's easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism," Mark Fisher's idea of the "slow cancellation of the future," the rise of conspiracy theories, Walter Benjamin, nostalgia for the future, and more.

All too often the discussion on Canadian health care starts and ends at "At least we aren't America." but our system deserves a critical look. Joining Victoria's Out of Left Field in the midst of a global pandemic is The Tyee’s legislative bureau chief Andrew MacLeod for a discussion about how the Canadian public health care system isn't really a system at all and requires some serious improvements. Plus: why privatization is still bad.

After a few words on parenting & self-care in the apocalypse, independent journalist Ajit Singh joins host Rob Rousseau to talk about current western narratives on China, a possible new global order rising and how our already-devastating sanctions on countries like Iran and Venezuela become downright genocidal during a pandemic.

Listen to "Episode 4: Coronavirus - Decisions, Decisions" on Spreaker. Over the past few weeks, federal and provincial governments have made important decisions on how to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. But are they the right ones for you and your families? The British Columbia-based Left Behind podcast investigates with a series of new interviews.

Toronto-based socialist podcast Oats for Breakfast sits down to chat with Sam Gindin, former director of research for the Canadian Auto Workers, about how he came to find himself on the Left as well as about the developments that he has witnessed and participated in since then. The discussion spans from Sam's memories of growing up in Winnipeg (where left-wing ideas "were in the air") to his reflections on Syriza and Corbyn.

Listen to "S2 - Épisode 3 - Haïti : Payer son indépendance" on Spreaker. (On S2, E2 of Ricochet's geo-politics deep-dive 'le Plancher des Vaches', the panel panel welcomes Marie Dimanche of Collectif solidarité Québec-Haïti) Pour ce troisième rendez-vous de la nouvelle saison du Plancher des vaches, nous vous emmenons en Haïti, avec Marie Dimanche, porte-parole du Collectif solidarité Québec-Haïti et une entrevue de Martin Forgues sur le terrain avec Joël Édouard Vorbe, membre du Comité exécutif de l’organisation politique Lavalas - proche de l’ancien président Jean-Bertrand Aristide.

On a new episode of his popular YouTube show Left Politics, Society and Culture Kingston-based academic Christo Aivalis discusses how allegations of sexual assault by former Joe Biden aide Tara Reade are being ignored by the mainstream media and Democratic Party elites.

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