VIDEO: Stand-up comedy targets Harper

Comedian asks: what’s the definition of terrorism?

These days, it’s hard to avoid doom and gloom over the latest outrage by our Conservative government. From C-51 to Iraq to fear-mongering over terrorism they’re pretty much the worst. It’s important to get angry, it’s how we effect change, but it’s also important to keep our sense of humour.

In this short clip, Sean Devlin uses stand-up comedy to ask us to laugh, not cry, at the absurd acts committed by our government, in our name. The Vancouver-based stand-up comedian is also the executive director of, a youth-powered agit-prop collective of online troublemakers and democracy aficionados planning to “brandjack” the Economic Action Plan and take down the government via viral video.

If Sean looks familiar it might be from that time he posed as a waiter to infiltrate a board of trade event in Vancouver and stood inches from the prime minister with a sign demanding "climate justice now" until he was dragged away.

ShitHarperDid is currently raising money to fund a short documentary and series of videos targeting the Conservatives in the lead-up to this year’s election. You can find out more about the campaign at

Sources: You can find the original CSIS intelligence assessment Sean is reading from here, and the internal CSIS report identifying white power groups as more dangerous than Islamic fundamentalists is reported on here.

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