Aaron Saad

Aaron Saad has a PhD in Environmental Studies from York University.

Your stupid conspiracy theories are costing us the planet
Aaron Saad
May 28, 2023
What would it mean if the 1.5 C climate target is missed?
Aaron Saad
February 7, 2023
2022: The year of climate change and ‘polycrisis’
Aaron Saad
December 29, 2022
How Canada should think about climate reparations
Aaron Saad
October 27, 2022
Are we living in ‘post-empathy’ times?
Aaron Saad
August 8, 2022
‘On life support’: 2021 in climate politics
Aaron Saad
December 28, 2021
Should we still have both an NDP and Green Party?
Aaron Saad
November 2, 2021
How Canada’s ruling parties stop us from really seeing the climate crisis
Aaron Saad
September 13, 2021
With ‘Kim’s Convenience’ gone, what happens to Asian representation in the media?
Aaron Saad
June 15, 2021
An Alberta Green New Deal: Why Jason Kenney’s terrified of an animated Netflix movie
Aaron Saad
March 24, 2021
Pandemic may have given new hope on the climate crisis: 2020 in review
Aaron Saad
December 30, 2020
Why the next Republican presidency could be even more terrifying
Aaron Saad
December 9, 2020
Vancouver just endorsed the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty. Who’s next?
Aaron Saad
October 29, 2020
Chronic underfunding of schools could now mean infections and deaths
Aaron Saad
September 3, 2020
Jason Kenney and Big Oil are counting on the world failing to avert climate disaster
Aaron Saad
August 11, 2020
A once-in-generation chance to create a world we might survive
Aaron Saad
June 29, 2020
A deep misunderstanding of freedom lies at the heart of anti-lockdown protests
Aaron Saad
May 1, 2020
When small things dispel grand illusions
Aaron Saad
April 17, 2020
Rex Murphy's fear of a green planet
Aaron Saad
March 3, 2020
Australia is burning to ashes, but will it matter?
Aaron Saad
February 4, 2020
When the world changed faster than politics: a look back at climate change in the 2010s
Aaron Saad
December 29, 2019
Voting in dangerous times: Your comprehensive guide to the climate crisis and the federal election
Aaron Saad
October 14, 2019
What’s necessary for good people to do nothing
Aaron Saad
September 5, 2019
Conspiracy theory of 'foreign-funded' tar sands opposition reveals ugly truth
Aaron Saad
August 14, 2019
Trans Mountain reapproval is Canada’s commitment to a ruined Earth
Aaron Saad
June 21, 2019
The deep story of anti-immigrant xenophobia
Aaron Saad
June 20, 2019
Liberals’ climate motion sounds an emergency and simultaneously ignores it
Aaron Saad
May 28, 2019
What pro wrestling tells us about masculinity and environmentalism
Aaron Saad
April 22, 2019
Climate prosperity
Green New Deal is a way out of neoliberalism wreckage
Aaron Saad
March 26, 2019
White extremism
Islam, immigration, integration — these are not the issue
March 17, 2019
Boom and bust
Is Alberta trapped in an abusive relationship with its fossil fuel industry?
Aaron Saad
February 21, 2019
From the mountain to the sea: A year in climate change
Aaron Saad
December 29, 2018
Climate costs
Carbon-price politics an ongoing tragicomedy in Canada
Aaron Saad
September 27, 2018
The Judiciary
The Court of Law v. The Laws of Climate
Aaron Saad
August 23, 2018
Anthropocene climate
Those hot hot unbearable summers
Aaron Saad
July 6, 2018
World Refugee Day
What Canada owes climate migrants
Aaron Saad
June 20, 2018
How the Liberals twist climate change to fit their worldview
Aaron Saad
June 17, 2018
Is Thanos a shitty environmentalist?
Aaron Saad
May 22, 2018
Earth Day
Degrowth: The solution that must not be named
Aaron Saad
April 22, 2018
What poll questions might look like if climate justice mattered
Aaron Saad
April 21, 2018
Showdown on Burnaby Mountain
Canadian state carrying out mass arrests to protect U.S. multinational's right to profit
Aaron Saad
March 28, 2018
Because it's 2018
It’s time to start calling Trudeau’s climate policy what it really is — unconscionable
Aaron Saad
March 2, 2018
‘The Human Flow’: A film for an age of displacement
Aaron Saad
February 14, 2018
Getting Yorked
Divestment debacle at York U casts school in a bad light
Aaron Saad
April 19, 2017
Paris won’t save us, but we've come a long way since Copenhagen
Aaron Saad
December 4, 2015
UN climate summit
Paris climate talks: What you need to know about COP21
Aaron Saad
November 30, 2015
Why this year's UN climate negotiations matter
Aaron Saad
March 30, 2015