Shawn Katz

Shawn Katz is a Montreal writer and editor. He is a contributing author to The Rise of Cities (Black Rose Books, 2017) and the author of Generation Rising: The Time of the Québec Student Spring (Fernwood Publishing, 2015).

Démocratie municipale
La démocratie citoyenne, moteur pour transformer la ville
Shawn Katz
October 3, 2020
Quebec Vote 2018
Quebec’s election frontrunners are frozen in climate denialism
Shawn Katz
September 24, 2018
Climate change
Canada, we need to talk about your car problem
Shawn Katz
August 1, 2018
Quebec politics
The CAQ’s shameless electoralism is a blast from the past
Shawn Katz
July 12, 2018
Trudeau’s real legacy
Canada talks green while financing climate disaster
Shawn Katz
June 26, 2018
Transitioning away from car culture
Ste-Catherine Street and the reconquest of public space
Shawn Katz
May 2, 2018
Right to the City
Projet Montréal era an opportunity to democratize the city
Shawn Katz
February 8, 2018
Montreal politics
Valérie Plante’s broken promise hands a victory to cynicism
Shawn Katz
January 14, 2018
Montreal election
Denis Coderre, last century’s man
Shawn Katz
November 1, 2017
Montreal elections
The Pink metro line and a paradigm shift for Montreal
Shawn Katz
October 24, 2017
Municipal affairs
Projet Montréal leadership race shows why city politics matter
Shawn Katz
November 3, 2016
Left politics
The NDP can Leap into relevance
Shawn Katz
April 19, 2016
Canadian Government
Rays of hope as the Trudeau era begins
Shawn Katz
November 9, 2015
Canada Votes 2015
Justin Trudeau and the politics of image
Shawn Katz
October 15, 2015
Canada Votes 2015
Unveiling the Bloc’s fake feminism
Shawn Katz
October 6, 2015
Printemps 2015
In Quebec, a clash of generations
Shawn Katz
April 7, 2015