Cameron Fenton

Cameron Fenton is the former director of the Canadian Youth Climate Coalition and currently works with in Canada.

There’s nothing strategic about voting for a plan to lose on climate
Cameron Fenton
September 19, 2021
A Green-NDP electoral alliance can defeat Trudeau’s climate status quo
Cameron Fenton
April 2, 2021
This minority Parliament must get started on the Green New Deal we need
Cameron Fenton
November 4, 2019
Feeling inspired by the climate strikes? Now let’s elect real climate champions
Cameron Fenton
September 27, 2019
Climate politics
Trudeau’s approval of Kinder Morgan would be an act of climate denial
Cameron Fenton
November 18, 2016
People power
Think a Kinder Morgan approval is a done deal? Think again
Cameron Fenton
October 3, 2016
Environmental Review Process
Liberals’ new ‘climate test’ has a loophole big enough to fit a pipeline through
Cameron Fenton
February 25, 2016
Canada's new government
Climate change: Are we really all in this together?
Cameron Fenton
November 24, 2015
Direct action
Climate welcome pushes Trudeau ahead of UN talks
Cameron Fenton
November 17, 2015