André Goulet
Podcast coordinator

André Goulet is a broadcaster and journalist based in Montreal, Ann Arbor and Seoul. His freelance work can be found at the Detroit Journalism Cooperative, New Michigan Media, and his long-running Korean studies and Korean indie music podcast "The Korea File." André is a contributor to CKUT’s "The Friday Morning After" news program.

Hot topics
PODCAST: Is public reaction to the Khadr settlement racism?
André Goulet
July 13, 2017
Indigenous rights
PODCAST: Algonquins of Barriere Lake vs. Big Mining
André Goulet
July 5, 2017
Conservative Party
Deciphering Andrew Scheer: The soft bigotry of so-con values
André Goulet
June 8, 2017
Indigenous voices and CanLit
PODCAST: Putting the cultural appropriation debate in context
André Goulet
May 25, 2017
Restorative justice
PODCAST: Can restorative justice be an alternative to prison injustice in Canada?
May 12, 2017
Try harder, Canada
PODCAST: L’affaire Potter and anti-Quebec bias in Canadian media
André Goulet
March 30, 2017
National identity
PODCAST: Criticism of Canada 150 isn’t petty
André Goulet
March 16, 2017
White nationalism
PODCAST: Inside Quebec’s far right
André Goulet
February 15, 2017
Pipeline politics
PODCAST: Trudeau’s approval of Kinder Morgan is a form of climate denial
André Goulet
December 6, 2016
U.S. politics
PODCAST: Mitrovica on election day: Democracy degraded
André Goulet
November 8, 2016
Dakota Access Pipeline
PODCAST: Reporting from Standing Rock
André Goulet
November 2, 2016
Resource extraction
PODCAST: Indigenous caravan takes Site C dam battle to Federal Court
André Goulet
October 13, 2016
Green Party politics
PODCAST: Fired Green Dimitri Lascaris on why BDS is common sense
André Goulet
September 28, 2016
Media criticism
PODCAST: Mitrovica on the media: Manufacturing disgust
André Goulet
September 13, 2016
Podcast: Was Montreal’s World Social Forum a success?
André Goulet
September 1, 2016
PODCAST: Fraser Institute study on private schools is bogus
André Goulet
August 17, 2016
Inside the media
PODCAST: Behind the scenes at Ricochet Media
André Goulet
August 5, 2016
Rights and freedoms
PODCAST: Anarchopanda defeats unconstitutional anti-protest bylaw in court
André Goulet
July 20, 2016
Provincial politics
PODCAST: What’s the deal with austerity in Newfoundland and Labrador?
André Goulet
July 6, 2016
Criminal justice
PODCAST: Why are Indigenous peoples overrepresented in Canada’s prisons?
André Goulet
June 22, 2016
Pipelines and climate
PODCAST: Will Energy East be built?
André Goulet
June 8, 2016