Gurpreet Singh

Gurpreet Singh is a broadcaster with Spice Radio and publisher of Radical Desi, an alternative media website. He is also an activist and cofounder of Indians Abroad for Pluralist India. He has authored several books and is a published fiction writer.

B.C. NDP’s Aman Singh poised to make history as first turbaned MLA
Gurpreet Singh
October 19, 2020
Andrew Wilkinson’s angry campaign rhetoric misses the mark
Gurpreet Singh
October 3, 2020
As we remember Terry Fox, it's time Canada raised its voice for Saibaba
Gurpreet Singh
September 21, 2020
We need more people like Niki Sharma in political office
Gurpreet Singh
September 9, 2020
Fear of COVID-19 must not cause us to ignore the virus of a bigoted mind
Gurpreet Singh
March 21, 2020
Pro-India lobby group should be made accountable for denying Sikh genocide
Gurpreet Singh
March 13, 2020
Horgan and Trudeau must change course to avoid prolonged civil unrest
Gurpreet Singh
February 13, 2020
Vancouver journalist Charlie Smith honoured for standing up against bigotry
Gurpreet Singh
December 24, 2019
B.C. supporter of Modi’s actions in Kashmir insults NDP leader Jagmeet Singh
Gurpreet Singh
September 17, 2019
We need to talk about Jagmeet Singh and the racism he faces
Gurpreet Singh
September 11, 2019
Case of missing neo-Nazi reveals Canadian media’s double standards
Gurpreet Singh
September 6, 2019
India’s ban of Sikhs For Justice exposes limits of ‘world’s largest democracy’
Gurpreet Singh
August 6, 2019
Elections in India
Why Modi is even more dangerous than Trump
Gurpreet Singh
June 11, 2019
Indian election
Modi ought to be careful accusing others of terrorism
Gurpreet Singh
May 10, 2019
B.C. politics
Premier Horgan offers hope in time of rising xenophobia and far-right extremism
Gurpreet Singh
April 23, 2019
After Christchurch
Governments must speak up and condemn violence against Muslims in India
Gurpreet Singh
March 22, 2019
Canadian politics
Voters in Burnaby South must reject xenophobia and right-wing populism
Gurpreet Singh
February 25, 2019
Federal Election
Svend Robinson’s return to politics is good news
Gurpreet Singh
January 23, 2019
Human rights in 'the world’s largest democracy'
Canada should give honorary citizenship to author Arundhati Roy
Gurpreet Singh
December 10, 2018
South Asian politics
India’s counterterrorism agency that charged Sikh youth in Canada lacks credibility
Gurpreet Singh
June 12, 2018
Asifa Bano
Right-wing forces in India use body of young Muslim girl as battlefield
Gurpreet Singh
April 17, 2018
International Day for the Elimination of Racism
All hands on deck against racism
Gurpreet Singh
March 21, 2018
Diplomacy and diaspora
Will Trudeau press Modi on human rights in India?
Gurpreet Singh
February 20, 2018
Cultural genocide
Lynn Beyak isn't alone in seeing the ‘good’ of residential school system
Gurpreet Singh
January 21, 2018
Breaking the Peace
NDP’s approval of Site C could do ‘irreparable harm’ to the party’s brand
Gurpreet Singh
December 15, 2017
State terrorism
Remembering the massacre India wants the world to forget
Gurpreet Singh
November 13, 2017
Unfair questions
Media attacks on Jagmeet Singh remind us of the right-wing forces he’s up against
Gurpreet Singh
October 18, 2017