Justin Podur

Justin Podur is an activist and writer based in Toronto, and the author of Haiti's New Dictatorship.

Exploitation on campus
Workers strike against poverty wages at York University
Justin Podur
February 22, 2017
Canada and the Middle East
From Saudi Arabia to Israel, Stéphane Dion is continuing Harper’s policies
Justin Podur
April 12, 2016
Latin America
For Venezuela's Bolivarians, victory even in defeat
Justin Podur
December 8, 2015
Canada Votes 2015
NDP purge of pro-Palestine candidates plays into Harper’s hands
Justin Podur
August 25, 2015
Book Review
Why leftists should read John Ralston Saul — critically
Justin Podur
May 21, 2015
York strikers show the way — now let’s build a truly public university
Justin Podur
March 30, 2015