Shenaz Kermalli

Shenaz Kermalli is a freelance journalist and journalism instructor at Ryerson University and Humber College.

Where is Canada’s moral compass when it comes to the war in Yemen?
Shenaz Kermalli
January 25, 2022
Political prisoners in Bahrain face COVID outbreak, violence, while Canada looks away
Shenaz Kermalli
April 22, 2021
Countries will ‘pay’ for election interference, says Biden — but U.S. never does
Shenaz Kermalli
October 24, 2020
Quiet and polite manifestations of racism run deep in Canadian institutions, including journalism schools
Shenaz Kermalli
August 5, 2020
When will MPs stop being blindsided by rogue lobbyists?
Shenaz Kermalli
December 27, 2019
Liberal in Richmond Hill faces smear campaign in bid for re-election
Shenaz Kermalli
October 21, 2019
Trump admin ramps up threatening rhetoric against Iran
Shenaz Kermalli
August 7, 2019
Far-right hatemongers don’t deserve a platform
Shenaz Kermalli
May 26, 2019
Is Donald Trump implementing a backdoor Muslim registry?
Shenaz Kermalli
May 3, 2019
After Christchurch
In the fight against Islamophobia, we need to demand more of our politicians
Shenaz Kermalli
March 29, 2019
40 years of the Islamic Republic
What Canadians don't get about Iran's celebrations of 1979 revolution
Shenaz Kermalli
February 12, 2019
Middle East
Trump’s reckless withdrawal of troops from Syria will only deepen conflict
Shenaz Kermalli
December 22, 2018
U.S. midterms
Newly elected congresswoman would have been barred under Trump’s Muslim ban
Shenaz Kermalli
November 13, 2018