Clay Nikiforuk

Clay Nikiforuk is a Montreal-based writer and Contributing Editor with Ricochet. An expert on sexual assault and the politics and public policy of sex work, she is an outspoken advocate of intersectional and inclusive feminism and author of two forthcoming books.

Fairy Creek: Meet the people behind the largest act of civil disobedience in Canadian history
October 16, 2021
Inside the raid on Fairy Creek’s HQ: Violence, arrests and media exclusion
August 24, 2021
Sex workers demand rights and respect, not draconian legislation
Clay Nikiforuk
December 17, 2014
New Brunswick makes strides in abortion access, still long way to go
Clay Nikiforuk
December 3, 2014
Sexual health advocacy gets a power-up in Canada
Clay Nikiforuk
November 25, 2014
Ottawa Shooting
Zehaf-Bibeau didn’t fall through the cracks, he fell through a gaping chasm
Clay Nikiforuk
November 3, 2014